Midnight Memories...

One day one thing happened and now there's only one Direction

~Sucker for Styles

~ Harboring an unhealthy amount of affection for the 5SOS boys (especially Michael & Ashton)
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But no Liam, you really need to stop wearing those pants. I can’t think of anything but penis when I see them. I’ve never associated dick with a pair of pants more but those are your penis pants. So I’m going to need you to stop.

Penis Pants.

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I went to the concert at Wembley on Saturday. It was unreal. (I’m not ready to write about my concert experience and whip out my gloriously sucky pictures for your eyes to see soon).

Bottom line of this uninteresting post:

I’m in a “I can’t believe this actually happened this is not real I feel empty oh my god they really do exist what even am I how am I supposed to live my life without going to every single concert” bubble. It’s not a comfortable bubble to be in, I tell you.

Harry golfing with friends in LA - 17/5

He looks so happy. And like a little girl (in the second pic, top right corner - is it weird that I think so?)

He’s looks all sorts of out of place (and yet he doesn’t) with those pants and that polo shirt that don’t seem to fit the appearance of his outgrown hair and tattooed arm and yup - do I spy the infamous lil ponytail?


He’s all kinds of colors. And I love it.

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so that’s how you don’t work out

I feel like Niall and I would be very body compatible.

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This is porn. Fuck.

And now imagine yourself inbetween those two.

Is that too tight?”

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What’s happening with life and why is it set on destroying my sanity.


I really feel like licking something right now.

I really feel like licking something right now.

There are times when listening to ‘Story Of My Life’ makes you happy in an unconditional, bursting-of-joy kinda way and times where it just makes you so sad all you want to do is cry the whole day.

And then there are times when listening to it evokes a feeling that’s a weird, mixed up combination of the two.

But most of all, you can never really handle the things it makes you feel.